South Mountain Tractor

The founder of South Mountain Tractor, Chris Lohman, began in the heavy equipment industry by working for his neighbors mid-sized excavating company in the south suburbs of Chicago just before turning sixteen. Throughout high school and while attending college he continued to work after school and during the various breaks and long weekends as a laborer working the shop, sweeping floors, running parts, shoveling, pressure washing machines and basically doing the work that nobody else would do. The owner of this excavating company had excellent ethics as well as business sense and the founder of South Mountain Tractor has been truly fortunate to see him build his successful company to what it is today.

After graduating from college he began his career by finding an entry-level inside rentals and used equipment sales position at the Caterpillar dealer in the Chicagoland area. Eventually he was promoted to an outside sales position but had a desire to live somewhere besides the Midwest. After enjoying a number of falls and springs while at training classes at the Caterpillar facility near Tucson, AZ, he decided to get a job in Phoenix, AZ late in the summer of 1998. This move took him on a short-stint selling construction laser equipment in the Valley of the Sun for only about a year and a half. Inevitably he found himself drawn back into selling heavy equipment and he began working for a large earthmoving rental company that had a fleet of 300 or so machines in the Southwest.

At this rental company he was initially responsible for the sale of excess inventory as determined to be sold by management. This rental company had some of the best kept equipment in the Southwest and was as progressive as any organization in the industry. Serious proponents of maintaining service intervals, performing oil sampling, using GPS and maintaining detailed service records on all of the equipment ensured the maximum life and rate of return on the fleet. The owner of this rental company also had excellent ethics, much like the owner of the excavating company that he worked for as a young man. Ultimately he learned how to analyze utilization data, scrutinize machine histories and oil samples, inspect machines and do valuations in order to help management make decisions as to what equipment should be sold and purchased by establishing criteria to make these determinations.

The founder of South Mountain Tractor truly learned the total value of good equipment working at this large rental company and the impact that it has on a companies financial future as he clearly realized the ramifications that it had on this well-ran rental company. After nine years in this role it was time to move on to other things. In November of 2009 South Mountain Tractor was founded.

South Mountain

On the south end of Phoenix, Arizona lies the largest city-owned park in the United States named South Mountain. South Mountain lies within an 11 mile wide City of Phoenix-maintained park and reaches a maximum elevation of 2,960'. This sonoran desert park is dotted with petroglyphs from the long gone Hohokam Indians ("vanished ones") and populated with coyotes, javelina, owls, lizards, gila monsters, and of course a variety of snakes, saguaros and cacti.

The park can easily be explored using a road that winds its way up to the top of the mountain to a vantage point that overlooks Phoenix. However, the best way to see the park is to utilize the 58-mile trail system on mountain bike, horseback or on-foot hiking. Please bring water as even during the wonderful fall, winter and spring months here dehydration can still be a problem. Maps of the area and the sites are easily accessible using the web.

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