South Mountain Tractor has the ability to do a very reasonable inspection on most pieces of equipment. However, intensive knowledge of some pieces of equipment is required to make an informed assessment of the quality of a piece of equipment. Also, some purchasers just require a more rigorous inspection to feel confident in their decision.South Mountain Tractor is one of those kind of Purchasers that likes to completely scrutinize a machine. Making good decisions buying equipment properly inspected is a good business practice. Therefore, we have the option to have a highly qualified third party inspector for our purposes or yours, JRG Equipment Services.

JRG Equipment Services

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Inspecting equipment for purchase takes an individual years to develop an ear and a feel for that no training can replace. Jim Gobble started fresh out of high school as an equipment operator running a small dozer at a landfill to eventually operating a rock truck for the Asarco mine near Tucson. Jim's mechanical aptitude did not go unnoticed by the mine and he was reassigned to service the big shovels. After seven years of working at the mine, Jim and his brother determined that they had the ability to turn wrenches on their own to make a living and started an independent equipment repair company. Eventually, their repair services were used almost exclusively by one of the larger heavy equipment rental companies in Arizona. This rental company realized the value of Jim's ability and they eventually hired him on full time. He spent five years as a mechanic and eventually the equipment manager presiding over a fleet of approximately 150 pieces. This entailed determining necessary repairs, failure analysis, oil-sample reviews, trouble-shooting, and inspecting machines for the fleet. Taking the next step in his career, Jim became a successful equipment manager for a large contractor with a fleet of nearly 200 machines. After a brief stint at owning a feed store, Jim brought his talents back to the industry where he became the equipment manager for a fleet that grew to over 350 pieces of moving equipment including the largest scrapers that Caterpillar produces. Jim has seen just about everything you can in his over forty years in the business. He has almost a sixth sense for equipment that can be put to work for you. No piece of equipment is ever going to be perfect, but there is a significant reassurance in having equipment inspected by a highly qualified individual to help you in making that decision. This industry is tough, do not allow a bad equipment purchase make it more difficult than it already is. All inspectors are not equal.

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